Workout & Studio review: 9Round

If you have never tried a kickboxing workout then you definitely should head to 9Round and get after it! The total body workout might be exactly what you need to jump start your workout routine or take your fitness journey to the next level.  Plus the punching bag is an awesome stress reliever 🙂 I recently went to the Dallas – Mockingbird Station location and experienced the high energy workout firsthand. Here is the kickboxing lowdown:

Once you put boxing gloves on (the studio lets you borrow a pair your first time), expect three minutes of cardio and toning at each station or “round” for a total of nine rounds! The trainers will demonstrate what each station looks like before you get to it. Depending on your level of comfort with kickboxing, the trainers will adjust your workout if necessary. Even though there could be a lot of people in the studio, the attention from each trainer makes it feel like you have your own personal trainer kicking your butt in the gym! If it seems intimidating it is not!  I warmed up with the jump rope then had a few rounds at different sized punching bags and kicking bags followed by abs with a medicine ball. 9Round’s short yet effective 30 minutes take the intimidation factor out of kickboxing. Once you find your punching grove, the nine rounds fly by and I love that each round focused on a different muscle group. Click here to learn more about 9Round’s workout philosophy.

With 9Round’s super flexible class schedule, offering a class every 15 minutes throughout the day, you can easily find a time to go and get your sweat on! No excuses! The studio is all business (no locker rooms or showers) but looks and feels like a local boxing gym would so it really gets you in the spirit!  Click here for the class schedule at the Dallas location. Don’t forget your first class at 9Round is FREE! Click here to find a location near you!

Kickboxing makes you feel strong and empowered at the same time providing a huge calorie burner workout. I’m a big fan and plan to incorporate more kickboxing style classes into my workout routine for sure! Interested in more workout & studio reviews? Click here, here, or here for the latest!


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