Workout & Studio Review: Black Swan Yoga

Yoga is awesome, but with prices for drop-in classes (and studios in general) going up and up, the best studios can seem a bit in-accessible. Along came Black Swan Yoga, who is introducing a donation based, high quality yoga experience for everyone! Recently, they opened the doors to a new West Lovers Lane location and I think the studio is really changing the Dallas yoga scene for the better!

Black Swan Yoga is a community inspired, donation yoga experience. To take a class there you just have to show up! Don’t worry though, for all you eager beavers out there you can book a class in advance online and also become a member (unlimited yoga for $88 a month) but the idea of being able to just drop in for a class with a donation of your choice is amazing! Plus I’ve never seen a studio offer so many class times! Seriously, with their yoga schedule you are guaranteed to find a time that works for you. I’m talking almost every hour from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. (candlelight flow) every day. It is really remarkable. Click here for the Dallas schedule.

First off, the coolness factor of this place is off the charts. Between the giant colorful wall murals, neon lit base boards, and sparkling black ceilings, the aesthetics are unlike any other, especially for a yoga studio. After checking in, feel free to go in the yoga room and grab a spot or hang out in the lounge area with Buddha watching over you 🙂

The studio offers two class styles, beginner and powerful flow.  I took a powerful flow class on a Saturday morning and the room was full but not so crowded that you didn’t have your own space to do your thing! When you go, be prepared for a high energy 60 minute yoga practice to fast paced music and challenging positions. The class was a full body workout and I was covered in sweat by the end of it! I felt very well stretched and strong at the same time. Between looking up at the twinkling ceiling while holding a pose and seeing a huge lion and elephant behind you as you change positions, it’s easy to escape from reality for 60 minutes and totally relax!

Besides the empowering yoga flow experience, there are other perks at the studio too! Parking is easily accessible right next to the front doors in a large parking lot. There are cubbies along the walls in the yoga room for you to store your belongings throughout class which is always nice. I appreciate that because if there are not lockers I always get nervous leaving my things out of eye sight. Also since you work up a big sweat in the 90 degree yoga room, there are showers for you to use post class. You can also shop the latest activewear for yogis right there in the studio. Lastly, if you forget your mat, towel, or water the studio has you covered! You can rent a mat and they have towels and water bottles available for purchase.

Overall, it was my kind of yoga experience and I will definitely be going back soon! The experience doesn’t just end with class, Black Swan Yoga also offers teacher training and yoga retreats! For my Houston and Austin friends, don’t worry, Black Swan Yoga has already been going strong in those cities so if you haven’t checked them out yet, you should plan on it!

Namaste 🙂


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